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Paoli News

Get to know Sheila Hankins LPN

Sheila Hankins has been a valued hardworking employee at Paoli Health and Living Community as an LPN for 11 years. Born and raised in Paoli, Shelia says she wouldn’t live anywhere else. When Shelia went to nursing school, she was a single mom raising a family and working full time. She obviously did a great job, as her son is the Chief of Police of Paoli, and her daughter is a student at Indiana State University studying speech pathology.

Sheila has a unit she is responsible for and she feels the residents are family. “They are a part of my life,” Sheila said, leaning forward with emphasis. “They’re like family, I miss them when I’m not here.” With her years of experience, Shelia is looked up to by the other nurses and aides. Shelia is not one for self-promotion and she says all she is trying to do is be helpful. “I love working here, everyone has taken the idea of compassionate care to heart.”

“Our residents have earned a good peaceful life,” Shelia said. “We want them to have the quality of life they deserve. I love learning about my residents. Their lives and experiences are so different than ours. World wars, the depression, the cold war, and the space race, they’ve witnessed a lot of changes. Their experiences have brought about a wisdom I want to hear about and learn from.”

Paoli Health and Living is fortunate to have an employee like Shelia. She is one of the many angels without wings who walk the halls of the CarDon communities throughout the state. Each and every employee has the best interest of the residents foremost in their minds and hearts. To learn more about Paoli Health and Living, and schedule a tour, please call (812) 723-2595.